During Interruption:

You can use SE Mobile to stay connected with your team off the field in a variety of different ways.

Host Team Virtual Events

Hang out with your team outside of the field!

Create an Event from the Mobile App,  SiteBuilder, or TeamCenter and fill out the Location field with the name of your virtual meeting and Location URL field with a link to a Zoom, Google Hangout, or any virtual meeting place when creating your event. Example: Location field would be "Virtual Team Meeting," and the Location URL field would be the actual link to that virtual meeting.

Parents and athletes can click the location of the event in the app and be automatically redirected to the proper URL.

Post Training Videos to the Video Gallery

Keep your athletes in tip-top shape by posting training videos to the video gallery. Coaches can post videos of drills or activities to do, and athletes can upload videos of themselves to receive feedback and instruction. Coaches and team members can see all comments on any team video, so for private feedback, a message may work better.

SportsEngine's At Home Family Health and Fitness Resource Gallery

Sports Engine has curated some excellent content for families to stay busy and healthy. Send the entire Resource Gallery to your team, or just the content that applies to you to keep engaged and healthy at home. 

Returning to Play:

Using the RSVP function to return to the fields safely

Do a Symptom/Wellness check before returning to the field.

The RSVP function is great for keeping track of which players will be in attendance at each game or practice. Using the note function, this RSVP can double as a verification that your players are healthy and ready to participate! Setting procedures in place for parents or athletes to confirm their readiness to participate via the note function, either the day of or night before an event simplifies the return to play process. Administrators can send RSVP reminders to anyone on the team, including those that have RSVP'd, to notify participants to fill out the note field before an upcoming event to confirm that they are in good health and ready to participate.